Sociodemographic: Gender

The data on the Black Rock City population’s gender changed slightly from 2012 to 2013, representing a possible shift towards more gender balance, including a slightly higher proportion of females among virgins.

BRC Census Blog 2013 Gender Balance v2

Females made up a higher proportion of the burner population, increasing somewhat between 2012 and 2013, from 37.9% of the population to 40.7%, while males decreased as a proportion of the total population, from 60.6% of the population in 2012 to 57.7% of the burner population in 2013. Individuals choosing “fluid” as their gender maintained a level of 1.5% of the total population of Black Rock City in both years.


Between virgins and veterans, there is also a higher proportion of females than that of the population as whole in 2013, which could suggest a trend toward a more equal gender balance among those who are attracted to the event for the first time.


Written by:

Betsy Nolan aka Betzle

Edited by:

Tabitha Palmer aka Tabicat


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