Sociodemographic: Income

Socio-demographic Characteristics: Personal Income and Primary Earners IncomeDistribution2013

In 2013, we saw a fairly diverse socioeconomic background with a median personal income around $51,000.00

Another view into this data reveals the primary income earners compared to non-primary earners. IncomePrimarySecondary Here we see non-primary wage earners weighted toward lower income brackets but there still are many non-primary wage earners in even higher income brackets. The chart below compares 2013 data with 2012 data representing the total number of burners (not percentages). IncomeDistribution1213 We also estimated that the median income for participants went approximately from $44,000.00 in 2012 to $51,000.00 in 2013, roughly $7,000.00 increase in income. This growth in income leads to many questions. Is it related to more affluent people attending the event? What might this imply? It could also be related to a general improvement in the economy, especially in the Bay Area where a large portion of Burners are from.

A final look would be to compare the Virgin versus Veteran: In the higher income brackets, this data shows Veterans as wealthier than their Virgin counterparts; in the lower income brackets we see the opposite trend, implying that the growth in income is coming from experienced Burners and not a new population of affluent people attendingIncomeVirgins the event. This could be another symptom that an improved economy is helping existing Burners. It could also be associated with the simultaneous increase in age year over year as people deeper into their careers tend to have higher incomes. Further research would be required to get deeper into this question.

Written by: David Nelson-Gal aka Scribble

Edited by: Tabitha Palmer aka Tabicat

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