Sociodemographic – Where Are People From?



Country of Residence

Burning Man is a global happening. Although the playa is home, Burners come from all over the country and world. 18% of our weighted population sample reside outside of the United States!


Canada is the most represented country from this set accounting for 7.2% of respondents. The United Kingdom and Ireland account for 3.3% and the European continent accounts for 3.6% of people.


The other continents are only minimally represented. Africa accounts for 0.7% of our respondents. Afrika Burn is one of the fastest growing regional burns with 8,000+ people attending in 2013. It is located in South Africa in a remote desert in the Northern Cape Province. Latin America and Africa are equally represented at the main Burn with 0.7% of the sample each despite Africa being much further away. The least represented continent is Asia with only 0.2% of total respondents.


It is striking that while Black Rock City grew by 11,851 people between 2012 and 2013, this growth was not reflected in the number of visitors  from outside of the United States which remained fairly constant between the years. This may be in part due to the last minute OMG sale that took place in early August when  the BLM allowed an extra  4000 tickets to be sold. Given the late nature of this sale it would have been difficult for overseas participants to quickly acquire a ticket and prepare for the journey.  However, when even not accounting for these last minute sales,  overseas participants were not reflected in the population gains. This means that while the number of overseas participants stayed relatively the same, they became a significantly smaller percentage of the overall population in 2013.

State of Residence

Almost every state in the United States is represented in our weighted sample.


California is by far the primary departure point with an impressive  28,416 people or 42% of our entire sample reporting origins in the golden state. Major hubs represented by dense clusters of pink dots appear in the Bay Area, Los Angeles Area, and in Northern California near the Nevada Border. Nevada, by contrast, despite being the home of Black Rock City represents only 5% of our entire sample or 3,676 humans!


After California and Nevada the next most  represented state was Washington (3521) followed by New York (3353). It surprised us that more people came from New York then from other states closer to the playa such as Arizona, Oregon, and Colorado!


Alaska and Hawaii are also departure points for Burners although they do not represent a large percentage of our sample. The states that were the most under-represented are also some of the furthest away, the New England states including Maine and Vermont.  Midwest States such as North and South Dakota are also  under-represented but this may be due to their overall smaller populations or to lack of participation in our samples from Burners of that region.

Written by:

Elizabeth Welsh aka Liz

Edited by:

David Nelson-Gal aka Scribble


3 responses

  1. By contrast, AfrikaBurn is about 30% folks from other countries. I’d like to see a special ticket sale for those outside the US, sometime between the Pre-Sale and open sale. This would allow more time for those that need to make travel arrangements/visas. We are global, and I’d like to see that represented more.

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