Joy on the Playa

People make the fondest memories, according to Burners in 2013; the people with which they interacted in Black Rock City were the primary source of favorite playa recollections for more than half of the population.  Close to 20% of Burners enjoyed the art and sculptures of the event, while nearly 12% of Burners’ most wonderful memories involve a personal event or accomplishment made at Burning Man.


58% of Burners responded that they had an “extremely” enjoyable experience at Burning Man 2013 – of course they did! Approximately 32% were slightly less effusive in their praise, while approximately 7.5% indicated they “somewhat” enjoyed their Burning Man experience.


Approximately 76% of Burners have indicated they absolutely intend to make another visit to Black Rock City, while 18% are slightly less positive, indicating they will “probably” be back.


Written by:  Alison, AKA Love,Ali

Edited by: Tabitha Palmer aka Tabicat


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