Playa Life: Marital Status

Wedding in Black Rock City

Photo by: Brian Runser From: Getting Married at Burning Man at

Most of recognize within ourselves a very human need for companionship – for interaction and affection and love. So for the Census, respondents were asked if they “considered themselves married,” and self-identified regarding the question of their married status.














Only 26% of Burners considered themselves married. This amount was a surprise, as there appeared to be a fair amount of married couples and families on the Playa, as well as husbands or wives whose spouses did not attend. Perhaps married people are more likely to have a house, children and/or pets, making the journey to Black Rock City more costly and requiring more planning than their single counterparts? Or maybe younger-at-heart individuals, still finding themselves, must make up more of the unmarried population than previously thought.

69% of Burners said they were not married – keep in mind this could include divorced or separated individuals, as well as widowers and widows – not necessarily meaning that they have never been married.

Interestingly, 5% say “sometimes” – sounds like the zip code rule to us!

Written by: Tabicat

Edited by: Love, Ali


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