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Upon arrival at Burning Man, you will likely note that yourself and others are frequently greeted with the phrase “welcome home.”  Over the years, this has become a common greeting to veteran burners and virgins alike.

Many people find the atmosphere at Burning Man to be so comforting and non-judgmental that to them, it feels more like “home” than anywhere else in the world.  We asked burners if they considered Black Rock City to be their only home, main home, second home, a bit of a home, if they weren’t sure, or do not consider it their home.


4% of participants consider Black Rock City to be their only true home, followed by 10% who consider it their main home, but not their only one.  The largest group of 47% feel as though BRC is their second home, and 20% felt as though it was a bit of a home.  5% were not sure, and 14% of participants said BRC did not feel like home to them.

With the vast majority of burners feeling as though BRC is their second home, we can assume that most people have a place elsewhere that they consider their main home, but they feel comfortable and happy enough at Burning Man to also think of it as their home.

More importantly, perhaps, is the 4% who consider Burning Man their only home.  That’s roughly 2,400 people who might not feel they have any sense of home if it weren’t for what we create in the desert.

Once again, “Welcome Home,” fellow burners.

Written by Wendi Corbin Goulette. Edited by Steven “Indiana” Crane



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