Comparisons: Country of Origin – USA vs. Foreign

Burners arrive at Black Rock City from near and far, some travelling from as far as Asia and others arriving from neighboring Gerlach, Nevada.

But how many of Black Rock City denizens are residents of other countries?
With the rise in total population in 2013, the number of US residents in the city also rose, with a much smaller increase in those from other countries. In 2013, 82 percent of those surveyed were US residents, up from 76.8 percent in 2012; 18 percent were residents of another country, down from almost a quarter (23.2%) of Black Rock City residents in 2012.
Since the numbers coming from abroad were relatively constant, year over year, the change in the percent of foreign citizens could be from the growing prevalence of international regional events, or due to changes in ticketing policies which may have made the extra late tickets less of an option for international Burners.

Written by: Betzle
Edited by: Tabicat


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