Correction to 2012 financial impact in Nevada

About a year ago, the Black Rock City Census reported that the economic impact of Burning Man participant spending in the state of Nevada was in the range of around $5M. A few months ago, we published our findings from the 2013 Burn which concluded that the projected spending of Burning Man participants in the state of Nevada coming to and from the event in the late summer of 2013 was around $55M.

A reader of this blog post pointed out the broad discrepancy in these figures which caused me to go back and look at our reporting from that period. In fact, I realized I had made a simple copy/paste error when working on that part of the 2012 report. I am including the full data in this posting to set the record straight. 

Illustrates the projected spending of Burning Man participants from 2012 to 2013

Projected spending of Burning Man participants from 2012 to 2013

The corrected figure for 2012 spending was roughly $43.5 Million dollars of spending by participants to and from the event, significantly more than the number published in this blog a year ago. 

This figure also reveals a 26% growth in amount of spending by participants in Nevada year over year. About 20% of this growth can be attributed to just the larger number of people coming to the event in 2013. However, there still is a significant 6% growth in spending beyond that indicating that Burners are spending more per individual.

95% confidence interval in projected spending

95% confidence interval in projected spending

These projections are derived from our weighted survey of participants. As such, there is a margin of error which I’ve illustrated in a plot in the graph above. The take aways are that the event is a significant and growing impact to the economic well being of northern Nevada. 

I apologize for the error and want to thank Katrina Raenell of the Reno Gazette Journal for bringing this to our attention. 

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