Education Levels of Burners

71% of Burning Man Participants Hold an Associate’s Degree or Higher!

Written by Sangye, a Burner since 2006. 
Edited by Scribble


I was somewhat surprised when I viewed the graphic below, and saw the level of educational attainment that is reflected within our Burner community.  It turns out Burning Man participants are ahead of the general public in education levels.  According to the 2014 BRC Census, a whopping 71% of us hold an Associate’s Degree or higher!

Education Level of 2014 Burners

Education Level of 2014 Burners

In a recent report from the Lumina Foundation, only 39.4% of American’s had at least a two year college degree or better. Burners have historically been better educated but the trend since 2012 has improved even more with 2014 seeing significant increases in those with advanced degrees.

Education Levels Trended from 2012 through 2014

Education Levels Trended from 2012 through 2014

You might be asking why Burning Man participants have a higher level of education. There are a couple of theories why this might be the case. When you look at our participants 84% of them are white. Lumina stated education attainment is still higher among the white population. The Lumina Foundation reported more minorities are getting an education then in years past. The fastest growing groups are Asian’s and Latino’s. The Lumina report found that the financial burden of getting an education still stops many people from attaining that degree or certification.

2014.EducationOtherWhat about other types of degrees or certifications? As you can see from the graph below about 13% of our participants have some other type of degree or certification. But the trending from 2013 to 2014 shows these type of degrees seem to be on the decline.

Trends for Other Degrees.

Trends for Other Degrees.


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