Residency Census 2014

Where Are 2014 Burners From?

Burning Man attracts a wide audience including world wide participants from all over the world, but the far majority of Burners who attended the 2014 event in Black Rock City hailed from the United States. 83.5% of all Burners in 2014 came from the United States with 43.7% of Burners specifically from the state of California.


Each dot is mapped to a zip code code that Burners who filled out the census provided. The population coming from California are heavily concentrated in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and San Diego but you can see there are blips from all over the state. There are also other large concentrations around major urban hubs such as Seattle, Salt Lake City, Chicago, New York and Washington DC. If you don’t see your dot on the map, it may mean that when you filled out the Census, you neglected to give us a usable zip code.



Foreign Residents

Over the years though the number of foreign residents coming from Burning Man has shrunk. Where it was almost 1/5 of the population in 2012 has shrunk by 25% to 15.1% in 2014.


From this graph you can see the breakdown by major countries where each percentage is the total percentage of the population from that country.


Where more than half of foreign residents came from primary English speaking countries (Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand) and a 1/3 of all foreign residents being Canadian. I remember in my first year going across the playa and my friend insisted that Canadians are always present, he would yell out “Eh” and of course there was always a response. Looks like he got pretty lucky with his odds being 1/20.

By Rohan (edited by Scribble)

6 responses

    • Hi Tom, I don’t have the exact % with me, but most Canadians come from the west coast. Being a Canadian myself (from Montreal), I can tell you (from my personal knowledge) that there is also an active community of burners in Montreal and in Toronto. The most famous of the Canadian east coast groups regularly going to BRC might be Midnight Poutine, who serve the famous meal from Quebec onplaya at (you guessed) midnight.
      Dominic Beaulieu-Prévost aka Hunter
      Research collaborator and main analyst at the Census Lab

      • Interesting. Last year I coincidentally found myself camped at an intersection where everyone (including myself) was from Calgary, Alberta. I had wondered if that meant something.

    • From what I have seen here in Oz, there are many more Aussies who would love to attend but were unlucky with ticket sales, this probably has something to do with our ridiculously slow internet speeds compared to other countries and the fact that they go on sale at 6am our time. It is also hard to wait for step tickets to come through when you have to think about the costs of flights going up every week you are waiting for a ticket so I think a lot of people resign themselves to the fact that they probably aren’t going to be able to get a ticket far enough in advance to book decent priced flights and give up.

      Maybe if BM want to actively encourage ticket sales to international participant, perhaps they could do some kind of pre-sale or separate sale of a percentage of tickets for international people? Maybe through the regional contacts for each country?

      I think an international crowd adds something special and should be embraced and encouraged wherever possible!

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