Camping by RV in 2014 )'(

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A few years back I found a playa wife who has an RV, and in our wedding vows that we took at the Church of Elvis, she granted me one day a year to come and stay with her in her RV. So now each Burn I show up in her camp on Saturday afternoon. She lets me in to her air conditioned parlor, bakes me banana bread, lets me shower, lets me sleep in a queen size bed and she washes my clothes. We all can’t be as lucky as this all the time on playa but I get to have it for one day.

RV are expensive – the price tag, the gas, the storage place when not in use, the upkeep – the cost is noticeable. This expense is reflected in our data showing RV ownership according to income. The probability of having an RV is 55.8% for those who make over $300k a year. If you made a $100k  to $150k, the probability is down to 36%. Those earning $50k a are 25.6% likely to camp in an RV, and that drops to 17.9% among those earning $25k a year. And believe it or not, 17.5% of people who make less than $7.5k a year show up to the event in an RV. But the most impressive fact was that 21.8% who reported no income at all also stay in an RV.


2014 data also show that 35.6% of virgins stay in RVs, and folks with 1 or 2 burns under their belts use RVs at a rate of 20.6%.  Veteran Burners with 3 to 4 burns were 13.6%  likely to have an RV and those with 5 to 7 burns were 13.6% likely to camp in an RV.  I would think the older you get the more needy you get for the comforts of default world but only 8.9 % of the people with 11 or more Burns own RVs.


The probability of having an RV by gender from the 2014 census data is 29% for female, 28% for male, and 24% for those who identified a fluid gender.


Meanwhile, by marital status,  40% of RV owners were married, 54% were not, and 6% of RV owners claimed to be married sometimes. While the probability of having an RV by marital status was 41.4% among the married, 23.2% among the unmarried, and 25.6% among the “sometimes” married, which brings me back to my one day on playa of marital bliss.



Written by Crow

Edited by Steven Michael Crane (Indiana)


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