Are you an artist?

Burning Man has long been an outlet for the creative community around the United States and even the world.  No matter what your medium, it is likely welcome on the playa. When most people think of the term “artist,” we imagine a person who creates art for a living, or perhaps one who does art-type things obsessively and nothing else.  Picasso, Michelangelo, my cousin, but not me. I take pictures, build things, or write a new piece of music or a story…  just for fun.  Being an artist can mean so much more than making your living from selling your art. The most accepted definition is “a person who produces works in any of the arts that are primarily subject to aesthetic criteria.” That is a seriously broad definition.

Many of us are artists, but not many of us are professional artists. The question asked here was very simple, and left the interpretation of the term “artist” up to the respondent.  It was simply “Do you consider yourself an artist?” Only 35% said that yes, they do consider themselves artists.  The largest percentage, 46%, giving a nod to the pros, said that they are not an artist, but they are creative. Finally, 19% said no, they are not an artist. How about you? Are YOU an artist? How do you define “artist” in your world?





Written by:  Wendi (Neverland) Corbin

Edited by: Steven Michael Crane (Indiana)