Residency Census 2014

Where Are 2014 Burners From?

Burning Man attracts a wide audience including world wide participants from all over the world, but the far majority of Burners who attended the 2014 event in Black Rock City hailed from the United States. 83.5% of all Burners in 2014 came from the United States with 43.7% of Burners specifically from the state of California.


Each dot is mapped to a zip code code that Burners who filled out the census provided. The population coming from California are heavily concentrated in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and San Diego but you can see there are blips from all over the state. There are also other large concentrations around major urban hubs such as Seattle, Salt Lake City, Chicago, New York and Washington DC. If you don’t see your dot on the map, it may mean that when you filled out the Census, you neglected to give us a usable zip code.



Foreign Residents

Over the years though the number of foreign residents coming from Burning Man has shrunk. Where it was almost 1/5 of the population in 2012 has shrunk by 25% to 15.1% in 2014.


From this graph you can see the breakdown by major countries where each percentage is the total percentage of the population from that country.


Where more than half of foreign residents came from primary English speaking countries (Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand) and a 1/3 of all foreign residents being Canadian. I remember in my first year going across the playa and my friend insisted that Canadians are always present, he would yell out “Eh” and of course there was always a response. Looks like he got pretty lucky with his odds being 1/20.

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Racial Diversity in Black Rock City

During the 2014 Burn, the large majority of attendees identified as White. Burners who identified as non-white mostly identified as Hispanic, Asian, and/or Other (in descending order, including respondents who selected more than one race).

White vs Non-White Populations in 2014

White vs Non-White Populations in 2014


Over the past three years, participation among whites has fallen slightly and participation among non-whites has shown a corresponding slight increase. Levels of non-white participation in 2014, however, fell short of 2012 rates.

Trending percentage of white participants over last 3 years

Trending percentage of white participants over last 3 years


Though non-white selections comprised 20.3% of total 2014 responses, 7.7% of participants considered themselves people of color and an additional 8.0% considered themselves people of color sometimes. This indicates that burners identifying as people of color or people of color sometimes identified as multiple non-white races and/or burners identifying as a minority race did not consider themselves people of color.2014.RacePersonOfColorTrended

White only trended - i.e., those who had no other racial identity but White

White only trended – i.e., those who had no other racial identity but White

Comparing BRC’s ethnoracial makeup to that of large US metropolitan areas[1], Black Rock City has a much larger white only population. Only the Boston urban area comes close to BRC’s 81.1% with 77% of Boston metropolitan residents identifying as white alone. BRC’s black population in 2014 was significantly lower than any major US metropolitan area (San Francisco, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Chicago, Dallas, and Boston). 2014.Race.USdemographicsEven though most burners live in California, BRC has a larger proportion of white only residents and a much lower proportion of black residents than the state as a whole.

[1] All information was taken from the American FactFinder (retrieved from:

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